6 Problems Only BHASVIC Students Will Understand

  1. Spending your frees wisely in town with your mates:

Free periods are for studying and revising in between lessons. Or for taking the short trip to town to grab a McDonalds with your friends and walk aimlessly around Churchill Square for a few hours. Usually the latter.

  1. Spending lunch time waiting outside Tesco, and then deciding you don’t really know what you want once you get inside:

‘Wanna go Tesco?’ ‘Sure’.  We’ve all done it. We’re bored at lunch so we agree to go to Tesco with our friend, only to finally get inside after queuing up outside, to remember that you didn’t want anything in the first place. Oh well, Doritos are half price.

  1. When your teacher emails you to concession your lesson, but you never check your college email so you turn up anyway:

I just about remember to check my personal email every day. So when they come down with the sniffles, teachers choose to inform you of your concessioned lesson on your COLLEGE EMAIL. Why??? They have our phone numbers, just text us!

  1. When you get let out of lesson before lunch 1 minute late and every social space in the entire college is gone:

We all know how frustrating it is when everyone is packed up ready to go at the end of lesson, and the teacher just will not stop going on until the clock has reached exactly 12.50. So now, by the time you reach your preferred social space, there are no seats and it looks like Piccadilly Circus. New building = much needed

  1. If it’s not 8.30 in the morning, you won’t get a computer space in the library:

I have one 8.30 start all week, yet I come in at 8.30 every day. Why is this? Because 8.30 is the only time you can get computer access in the library. What if my train is 5 minutes late? No space. Simple as. Sort it out.

  1. If you do find a space in the library after 8.30, buy a lottery ticket:

You have just uncovered the Holy Grail. The chances of you finding the love of your life just improved 1000000%. Buy a lottery ticket, because today is your lucky day!


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