Confessions of a Makeup Addict

So, now that we’re approaching British summertime, the whole ‘summer make up’ trends are officially plastering blogs and magazine headlines. I took note of the first three headlines I came across: ‘Hottest Trends for SS15′, ‘5 Make Up Colours that you have to try this Summer’ and ‘ 3 Ways to Ace The Nude Look’.

Yes, all of these articles and blog posts are about taking care of your appearance; and yes, some of you will completely hate features like these and play the whole ‘you shouldn’t have to change the way you look’ card – as that seems to be a trend now. But, quite frankly, I’m guilty in feeling that amazing sensation of make up retail therapy in the run for my holidays this summer.

Don’t get me wrong – I’m all for feminism and believing that us girls should stick together and not change the way we look for any man. However, l confess that I purchase make up to make myself feel better about my appearance – not for anybody else. Many people believe that buying make up is a waste of money and that people who purchase make up are just giving into our consumer culture, yet why should I feel guilty about wanting to feel better about myself through application of make up?

Confidence is a big, valued quality in my generation and it’s not a quality that I have, so reading features on the latest SS15 make up trends is something that I’ll happily do in my spare time. Experimenting with the latest Urban Decay Naked pallet or ordering Estee Lauder Bronze Goddess in time for the summer season may seem shallow and unimportant to some of you, but for some of us, the latest make up and fashion trends are a big, major part in our summer season in order to feel confident and happy in the season where we’re meeting new people and visiting new places.

Some girls wear make up to impress boys, however, I don’t feel like it’s boys who are the problem. Nowadays, there is so much competition between girls that to feel respected and accepted, you have to look a way that is deemed acceptable. I confess that I lose total confidence when going out of the house without make-up on and magazine headlines aren’t one to help this; ’30 Fairly Shocking Pictures of Celebs with No Make Up’, ‘Nearly Unrecognisable!’, ‘Before and After Celebs with Make Up’. These headlines are what brainwash us girls into frowning upon other girls who leave the house without make up and notice ‘the difference’. I’m guilty off this too and I wish it wasn’t this hard for girls to feel confident, but that’s when you know you’re trying to make yourself feel better.


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