One Week On…

One week on from the most politically engaging election of my lifetime, and by no means has anti-Tory sentiment in Brighton cooled down. Hove and Brighton Pavilion are the only socialist Oasis’ in the South East, which is an amazing feat for the hard-working men and women, young and old, who managed to buck the trend and add a splash of liberalism to predominantly old-fashioned part of the United Kingdom.

However, the final results map still makes bleak reading whether you’re a would-be young liberal who was defeated by their parents, or one of the 1 million people reliant on food banks, who were told that their needs aren’t as important as the businessman who avoids paying as much tax as humanly possible, or one of the 700,000 people on zero-hours contracts who were told that the security of their job is not a priority.

The wave of protests in Westminster this past week against the new majority Conservative government weren’t mostly unreported by the mass media, however, a few instances where peaceful protest was turned into violent protest by the idiotic minority, was picked up by the BBC. Images of policemen clashing with protestors outside parliament prompted my mum to remark “Bloody fools, this is why Labour aren’t in power.”

It was always going to cause outrage if the Conservatives got back in, the night before the election all of my optimism seemed to fade, replaced by a horrible churning feeling in my gut that I was going to have to go through University and start my adult life under a Tory government.

Although I am by no means a UKIP supporter, I think it’s criminal that a party with nearly 4 million votes can only gain 1 seat, whereas a party with less than 1.5 million votes can gain 56 seats. Proportional representation may not be the answer, but it sure seems a lot fairer than the current FPTP system. Maybe the Tories could begin to redeem themselves by posing an electoral reform referendum as well as an EU referendum? Oh wait, that would mean less influence for the Tories. Never mind then.


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